2004 NT Brent Hambrick Memorial Open



Dan Busick has asked the below document to be published on the web. The document is his proposal for the 2004 BHMO and his guidelines for help planning and running the event. To download a copy of this Microsoft Word document click here. If you do not have Microsoft Word, below is the document in HTML.


2004 BHMO Format Proposal, & Committee Designations, Responsibilities.


3-day format.

27 Holes Friday & Saturday, 18 holes & final 9 on Sunday.

Pins will be in the most difficult position each day.

Amateurs will play from the short tees; Advanced Ams will play from the longs the 2nd round.

Pros will play from the longs 1st & 2nd rounds, short 3rd round.

Amateurs & Pros will rotate morning & afternoon play each day.

Final nine will include Open Men, Women & Masters.


Committees and description of requirements needed to lead committee.


  1. Sponsorship – Responsible for contacting potential sponsors through provided letter templates, BHMO tournament, PDGA & NT history. PDGA is providing marketing & professional fund raising support.
  2. Tournament Promotion – Responsible for contacting TV, Radio, Newspapers, to set up pre tournament & daily coverage.
  3. Program – Responsible for working with sponsors, PDGA, and all supporters of BHMO to gather artwork & information needed to provide the printer. Program must be completed at least 1 week prior to tournament unless other wise approved by TD.
  4. Park Permits – Responsible for securing the necessary permits needed and to work with the watershed department on their requirements for closing the roads from hole 1-9.
  5. PDGA Reporting. Responsible for filling out the required PDGA paperwork prior to the event & the required post tournament financial & scoring results.
  6. Tournament Registration – Responsible for collecting registrations from PO Box and keeping registrations updated on a daily basis. Also must work with PDGA on what players are pre selected for a spot in the tournament. No player will be given or saved a spot in the BHMO except the ones that have been pre qualified by the PDGA. All other players must have their money in prior to the cut off date to secure a spot in the tournament. NO REGISTRATIONS will be accepted the day of the BHMO. All players must be current PDGA members to participate.
  7. Food & Drink – Responsible for securing food, drinks, ice. These items are normally donated.
  8. Volunteers – Responsible for recruiting, organizing & assigning volunteer activities for each day of the tournament. Volunteer assignments should be completed 1 week prior too the tournament if all possible.  Provide each volunteer with T-Shirt & any additional items for their time. Work with charity  (team in training). Must be available to all volunteers. MUST BE ON TIME EACH DAY.
  9. Scoring – Responsible for gathering & totaling & organizing scoreboards. Provide PDGA with scores for real time reporting to PDGA website. Provide someone to carry final nine leader boards.
  10. Tournament Logo Design. – Create or find someone to create new logo. Logo must be completed & approved at least 3 months prior to tournament.
  11. Vendors. – Responsible for working with vendors who are interested in selling or donating merchandise to tournament. A fly mart should be considered to help generate additional revenue for running the tournament.
  12. Course Set up & Maintenance. – Responsible for setting all pins in their correct position, all sponsor tee signs are in place, all tee markers & benches are repaired and painted at least 1 week prior too the tournament. All designated holes have water  & tents set up during the rounds.
  13. Financial. – Keep all financial records updated on a daily basis. Work with each committee leaders to review & approve any expense. Secure police, golf carts & port a johns. Provide a weekly report of all expenses to TD committee. Work with CFDGC on expense funding.
  14. Awards. – Responsible for acquiring awards for each division required by PDGA. Dr. Blair has donated awards in all previous BHMO’s.



All committee leaders will be required to provide weekly progress reports to the BHMO TD staff and will be assigned on a first come basis.


Please contact Dan Busick at dbusick@insight.rr.com with questions on what committees are still in need of volunteers to leads and help.