The 2004 Brent Hambrick Memorial Open

a 2004 PDGA National Tour Event & an "A" Tier Am Event

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Note: There will be Shotgun Starts for all rounds not Tee-Times!

This years Brent Hambrick Memorial Open is looking to be bigger and better than any other previous year. Partnering with the  PDGA National Tour Committee, The Can AM series and The United States Disc Golf Championship, and with help from local volunteers this years event will have a lot of fun to offer everyone. This years Event is a Can Am event, and will tie into the Can AM Series, and hopefully will turn more people on to playing or watching other Can Am Series events. If you do not know what the Can AM Series is or would like more info please click here. Also this year the United States Disc Golf Championship has selected again, The Brent Hambrick Memorial Open to be a qualifying event for it's great tournament in October. There have been some changes to the qualifying procedures. To review and familiarize yourself with those please click here.  Please check back to see other great sponsors and great news about the event.

Event Format and Event Info:

Dates: Friday,  July 9th thru Sunday July 11th, 2004

Location: Brent Hambrick Memorial Disc Golf Course (Hoover Resevoir) in Columbus, Ohio

Format, 3 day event, 1 round each day for every division. The top four Open Men, Open Women and Men's Pro Masters will play in the traditional Final Nine. This will be a flight event with Pro's and Am's teeing at different times.

Pin locations and Tees:

The pin locations will be in the most difficult locations for the entire event. Below is the list of each hole the location of the pin:

Holes 1 and 2 (B),3 (A), 4-6 (B), 7 - 9 (A), 10 thru 15 B(), 16 (A), 17 (B), 18 (A)
New nine: A & B-(B) C,D,E-(A)F thru I-(B)

Men's Pro Open, Women's Pro Open and Men's Pro Masters will play 27 holes from the long tees Fri and Saturday On Sunday they will play 18 holes from the Short Tees, with a final 9 for the Top 4 Open men, top 4 Open Women, and top 4 Open Masters.

All Amateurs will play all rounds from the short tees, except for the Advanced Amateurs who will play their 2nd round from the Long tees.

*You must be a PDGA Member to compete. To purchase a PDGA Membership or to renew your Membership, please click here

Important Registration Information

Please note that the BHMO registration fee includes player fees for both the PDGA and the Can/Am series.

Mail-in registration will be accepted until Friday, July 2nd 2004.
Please understand, not postmarked by, July 2nd but actually received.
So, if you are mailing from another part of the country please allow a reasonable delivery time and send at least 3 to 5 days prior to deadline.

Late Fees
Late fees will be collected for all registrants applying to play after Friday! July 2nd. Registering on is the only way you can register late, which means a 3% surcharge will be added to that $25.00 late fee. Please register early.

Field Caps
The National Tour portion of the event is capped at 90 competitors; the divisions are Open Men, Open Women, Pro Masters, and Pro Grand Masters. As we approach the cap, players will be accepted based on division, then date of entry receipt in order to achieve divisional fields divisible by four (4). A limited Pro Grand Masters (MPG) division is available at option of TD. No more than (8) grand master players, unless the event is not full seven (7) days in advance. A minimum of four (4) players per division will be required before opening a Grand Masters division (and multiples of 4 will be required thereafter). Twenty four (24) PDGA Touring Player Card spots held up to fourteen (14) days in advance on first come first serve basis, subject to event entry requirements.

The A-tier portion of the event is capped at 90 players; the divisions are Advanced Amateur Men and Women, and Amateur Masters. As we approach the cap, players will be accepted based on division, then date of entry receipt in order to achieve divisional fields divisible by five (5).


If you wish to help or want to read the guidelines for helping run the event click here.

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If you have questions about this event please contact Dan Busick @ 614-841-1327 or e-mail