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Opportunity for you to help reopen Lobdell Reserve

I’m sorry to say, Lobdell Reserve as well as ALL Licking park district park areas are CLOSED! This is a direct result of the failure of yet another Park levy and budget constraints. I am still working on being able to run the Lobdell Open there? I will post as soon as I hear on that.

A new levy will be on the May ballot, if this passes Licking parks will re-open and be operational for at least five years.

Another option is winning grant money from Pepsi in this contest:

Licking Park District SAVE YOUR PARKS VOTE for us at: … rkdistrict
Prevent the Licking Park District from closure and keep programs alive | Pepsi Refresh Everything

* You can vote once a day, and anyone can vote so please pass this along to any friends, relatives, and websites you think may help. Winning this grant WILL REOPEN LOBDELL and all other facilities!!!!!!!

Thank you, Paul Jay

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