Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club
Our Mission: The Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club, Inc. is a non-profit corporation and association of players dedicated to the promotion and support of Disc Golf in Columbus and Central Ohio.

USDGC Ohio Representative

Congratulations to Derek Michalak for winning and graciously accepting the Ohio Rep. spot to the USDGC.

I can’t believe it, I feel so honored to have this opportunity.  I believe this is a once in a life time opportunity, there is no way i would pass this up.  Yes I will attend!!!!
I know i’m not Columbus Flyers member but you all treat me so good when I come down to play.  I do consider your club one of my favorites.  I will do my best to represent the Columbus Flyers in my persuit of the USDGC. 
Thank You again for this opportunity, no words can explain how i feel right now.

Thanks Again,
Derek Michalak

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