Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club

Columbus Point Series ‘15

The 2015 Columbus Flyers Point Series will consist of 6 events, beginning in March, and ending in September.

Columbus Point Series ‘15

#1- Lobdell Open - PDGA C-Tier –Lobdell Reserve         
Sat. March 28th

#2- Riverside Drive-PDGA C-Tier- Griggs Reservoir DGC

Sat. April 18th

#3- Mill Valley Shootout-PDGA C-Tier- Marysville DGC         
Sat. May 9th

#4-The Pickerington Classic–PDGA- B-Tier- Pickerington/Simsbury Park

Sat. June 13th

#5- Hoover- Westside Challenge-- PDGA C- Tier         
Sat. July 4th
Hoover/Westside(Temp. Course)

#6- King of the Course–PDGA C-Tier- courses TBD
Columbus Point Series Finale

Sat. September  5th

The winner of each division will be announced after the completion of the final event, King of the Courses.

You must play in 4 out of the 6 events to qualify to win the overall in your division. Divisional winners will receive a trophy and free 2016 CFDGC membership!

Points are earned in three ways:

  • 3 Points for completing a point series event
  • 1 Point for each competitor in your division that you beat
  • 1 Point for winning your division

Columbus Point Series ‘14 Overall Winners

Congratulations to all of our Series divisional winners!! All winners receive 2015 CFDGC Memberships!

Open- Steve Duros
Masters- Jim Fellows
Advanced- Derek Bricker
Intermediate- Adam Montgomery
Recreational- Dimitrios Makridis
Recreational Women- Katie Holbrook