Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club

Weekly Doubles

Open to anybody (any age, any skill level)

Format for Sunday, and Wednesday CFDGC Doubles:

  • Random Draw Doubles (best shot)
  • Teams are decided randomly by picking minis* out of a hat or bag.
  • Sign ups are near Hole 1 @ 10:45am Sundays/5:45 pm Wednesday.
  • Tee Off is @ 11:00am Sun./6:00pm Wednesday*.
  • Entry Fee is $5 per person
  • Top third scores after 1 round will win money.
  • One dollar of entry goes towards course maintenance.
  • One dollar goes towards the ace pool which carries over if not hit.

Notice: Currently there are no active doubles at Hoover. If you are interested in rejuvenating that event contact Paul at or come to next meeting.

Location for Wednesday CFDGC Doubles:

Wednesday doubles are  currently starting at 6:00 PM  

All year at Griggs Reservoir every Wednesday at 6:00 pm*

* note that the time may change throughout the year, with the time changes.