Lobdell Reserve Disc Golf Course

Directions Click here for a printable version  /  Pictures of the course

Step 1

161 East to 37N into Alexandria (Aprox: 1.2 Miles on 37N) Please note the police in Alexandria monitor traffic frequently it is wise to obey all speed limits. 37N Starts out at 55mph then down to 35mph, then just before N Liberty it is 25mph.

Step 2

Turn Right on N Liberty St which turns into Mounts Rd (Aprox: 1 Mile on N Liberty and Mounts Rd.) This is another stretch of road that the police monitor frequently. Please note N Liberty is 25 mph until the road becomes Mounts Rd.

Step 3

Turn right on paved Rd just before the Lobdell sign (road name is Lobdell Rd) When you get to the bottom of the hill on Lobdell Rd make sharp left and the gravel parking lot is in front of you. Have fun, and remember please take all trash out with you. Please do not litter. Thanks!

Pictures of the Course

Hole 1 Hole 1 Long Tee Hole 1 Short Tee and Basket Hole 2
Hole 2 Long tee (basket tucked around corner) Hole 2 Short Tee (basket tucked around corner) Hole 2 Basket Location Hole 3
Hole 3 Short and Long Tee Hole 3 Basket Location To get to Hole 4 locate the path to Hole 4 that is across the fairway on Hole 3, from hole 3's Basket basket Hole 4
Hole 4 Long Tee Hole 4 Short Tee Hole 5 Hole 5 Long and Short Tee
Hole 5's Basket Location Hole 6 Hole 6 Long Tee (Up Hill) Hole 6 Short Tee (Up Hill)
Hole 6's Basket Hole 7 Hole 7 Short and Long Tee (Down Hill) Hole 7's basket Location
Hole 8 Hole 8 Long Tee (Up Hill) Hole 8 Short Tee (Up Hill) Hole 8's Basket Location
Hole 9 Hole 9 Long Tee (Follow the path) Hole 9's Long Tee Con't. Hole 9 Short Tee
Hole 9's Basket Location Hole 10 Hole 10 Long Tee Hole 10 Short Tee
Hole 10's Basket Location Hole 11 Hole 11 Short and Long Tee Hole 12
Hole 12's Opening to the Green Hole 12's Basket Location Hole 13 Hole 13 Long Tee
Hole 13 Short Tee Hole 13's Basket Location Hole 14 (This tee sign's footage is wrong, 400ft for the long tee, 250ft for the Short Tee.) Hole 14 Long Tee
Hole 14 Short Tee Hole 14 from the right side of the fairway. Hole 14 from the left side of the fairway. Hole 15
Hole 15 Long Tee Hole 15 Short Tee Hole 15's Basket Location Hole 16
Hole 16 Short and Long Tee Hole 17 (this Sign is wrong, the footage is only 400 from the Short Tee to the pin) Hole 17 Long Tee Hole 17 Short Tee
Hole 17's Basket Location Hole 18 Hole 18 Short and Long Tee Hole 18 Basket location