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Online Membership


or Printable Form to mail-in or bring with you to an event:

PDFicon CFDGC Membership Form


Benefits of Joining/Renewing

  • If you Join you will receive a PDGA approved golf disc or club disc voucher ($8 value)
  • If you renew you will receive a mini marker
  • You will get a CFDGC Bag Tag and ranking
  • $5 discount for PDGA membership and discount to the PDGA store
  • $5 discount at Club Sanctioned Tournaments (excluded is the BHMO)
  • Purchase Club discs at club prices ($2 discount per club disc)
  • Your right to attend and vote in monthly club meetings
  • Help support us to promote disc golf in Columbus
  • Club communications

After Joining or Renewing we will contact you by e-mail and ask you to confirm your address so we may ship your golf disc, mini and bag tag to you or arrange a meet and exchange.


Family Membership

  • $5 off Full membership price for family members under 18 years living in the same household.
  • All privileges of a full membership


Associate Membership

  • $5 yearly fee for club support and communications


Lifetime Members

  • Joe Hambrick
  • Wanda Hambrick
  • Pam Hambrick
  • Larry Tanner
  • Roy Starkey

We are forever grateful for their contributions to our club and to Disc Golf.