19th Annual Columbus Ice Bowl

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Sat. Jan. 16th

Hoover Reservoir 

A PDGA C-Tier Event

A Charity event benefiting the Mid-Ohio Food Bank

This event was ran under the PDGA Endowment program.

Congratulation to all divisional winners

I would like to thank everyone for their efforts in making this years event the largest and most productive ever in raising funds for our charity.

$1200.00!!!! will be presented to the Mid Ohio Food Bank on behalf of all those gave.

Those who gave:

All 102 participants
Columbus Flyers DGC
Jerry Frye- Fazolis in Westerville
Everyone who donated at lunch
Those who donated through the CTP
Everyone who was in the ace funds
Those players who donated some or all of their winnings
Chris B./Turbo/Lisa W./Dennis J.
Scott McIntyre
Rick Stevens
Erik Zeng
Shawn Draughon
Alan Koehler
Pat Sullivan
Dan Busick
Alissia Jay
Zac Biberstine
Scot Myers
Jason Hickman
Everyone who donated canned goods
Hoover Watershed
Columbus Parks and Recreation
Anyone who I may have overlooked, sorry

 It’s great to be part of. Thanks again to everyone, Paul