2011 BHMO Fundraising discs


I’d like to thank Brad Schick for his generous contribution to the Hambrick. If you would like to support the BHMO, and get a nice collectable or thrower call/text (614.203.0995) or email me (pauljay161@hotmail.com)  to reserve or buy yours today. Everyone who buys a disc in the next two weeks will get in the program as a supporter.  At $15 a disc these discs are a deal let alone the support it brings to the BHMO.

Available Models:

Glo Z Nuke
Glo Z Buzz
Crystal Avenger SS
Buzz SS

Thanks in advanced for your consideration,


1. Glenn “G” Burtis
2. John Kinateder
3. Mike Callahan
4. Nick Thomas
5. Ben Schreckengost
6. Alex Mahaffey
7. Rick Stevens
8. Larry Lamb
9. Mike Nevett
10. Jacob Kocher
11. Karl Barker
12 Andrew Gillespie
13. John Geotzman
14. Mitch McKelvey
15. Bob Cundiff
16. Ryan Holbrook
17. Chris Junker
18. Kyle Coates
19. Anthony Caulley
20. Cory Clark
21. Dylan Janney
22. Mike Kelly
23, Chris Henry
24. John Goetzman
25. Josh Ratcliff
26. Buddy Holiday
27. Mitch McKelvey
28. Derek Michalak
29. Miles Mull
30. Paul Deaner
31. Shawn Draughon
32. Pat Sullivan
33. Michael Stonestreet