Griggs Doubles

Event Details

This event is running from 11 November 2018 until 6 November 2030. It is next occurring on June 16, 2021

  • Venue: Griggs Reservoir Disc Golf Course
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Open to anybody
(any age, any skill level)

This is a great way to come out and meet and learn from other golfers. We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday or Sunday.


  • Random draw a partner and you will play best shot
  • Partners are decided randomly by picking minis out of a hat or bag, or by drawing playing cards.
  • Sign ups are near Hole one
  • Entry Fee is $5 per person
  • One dollar goes to the CFDGC for course repairs and improvements.
  • One dollar goes to the Ace Fund (paid to whoever hits a hole in one, and his/her partner)
  • Top third scores after one round will win money. $3/player goes in the payout.
  • In case of an odd number of players, the odd person left gets one extra throw/hole or you can pay double and get 2 throws every throw.

In a TD’s absence anyone can run doubles and report money and info to the TD’s the following week or anyone who will get it to the club. Doubles require three people present to be official and throw for the ace fund.