A Look Ahead to 2016

MUTCD-W20-1-ROAD-WORK-AHEAD-SIGNAs we close out another great year of disc golf, clinics, course work and fundraising, I would like to thank all of those folks who made it possible. We in Columbus are very fortunate to have so many folks who help that I couldn’t possibly list them all here. I am sure these folks get self-satisfaction from volunteering, but it is always nice to hear THANK YOU!

As we go into 2016 the club is looking for a few good men or ladies, to assume some roles within the club to continue our current status and schedule and take some responsibilities from some of the folks who have taken care of these responsibilities for years.

The club will be best served if responsibilities are handled by associates. Being an associate would be a commitment to handle certain club affairs. If you are willing or interested in assuming a role within the club, come to a club meeting or contact Cory or I, to discuss what those responsibilities would entail. Getting some solid inquires by January meeting would be great.

Another area of need, providing we get associates, will be tournament directors for club events. Cory, Rick and I are committed to the 25th Columbus Ice Bowl, 2nd Annual Arnold Disc Open, Pickerington Classic (BHMO fundraiser), as well as the BHMO. If you plan to or are interested in running a club event, come to next meeting or contact myself or Cory. Decisions on 2016 dates need to be made ASAP. Tentative dates have been reserved. Tournaments with a solid confirmation of TD needed are, Lobdell Open, Riverside Drive, Hoover-Westside Challenge, King of the Courses and the Halloween Glow.

If we can’t get volunteers for associates, I would continue to be liaison between Hoover Watershed Management and Columbus Recreation and Parks. I would facilitate memberships. Cory, Rick and I, would run clinics and fundraisers to best of the clubs and our ability and capability. We would still be committed to nurturing our local courses, to the best of our and the clubs ability. We would also continue to foster new local courses. Your continued support through membership and volunteering would greatly help further these goals in 2016.

We look forward to working with everyone to further nurture disc golf in Columbus and Central Ohio.

Thank you for your consideration,

Current CFDGC “Associates”