Andy 24

Hey everyone.

Wanted to give you a bit more information about the upcoming Ultimate and Disc Golf Charity event called Andy 24.

The event is open to players of all experience levels and runs for 24 hours straight from Friday July 29th at 7pm to Saturday July 30th at 7pm.  For Ultimate, you sign up for a specific time block/blocks that you are available to play.  Please keep in mind that we typically need extra players on Saturday (all time blocks) to keep momentum rolling through the end of the event.  For Disc Golf, you play any time, day and/or night – baskets will have glow sticks – as much as you want.

We support local charities such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus and Compassionate Friends.  Both are very good causes and are extremely appreciative of the money that we are able to raise on their behalf.  We recently gave $4000 to Boys and Girls Club and $2500 to Compassionate Friends and over the years of the event, Andy 24 has donated more than $75,000 total.

The event is named after Andy Starinchak who was a big part of the Columbus Ulitmate community who was taken from us before his time.  His parents come to the event each year and are immeasurably grateful to the participants who help keep the event going.

Why should you sign up?
1. it is really fun.
2. hourly raffles for players ranging from shirts, shorts, discs, to sporting event tickets and memorabilia to overnight hotel stays.
3. great way to give to charity – by playing Disc!!!!
4. each participant will get an event shirt and some raffle tickets.
5. other games like Flimsee and Disc Golf Putting contest with other prizes.
6. playing at 3am is pretty fun (18yo+ please).
6. the more players we have, the better the event is.

Our goal is to have over 200 people preregister this year for Ultimate and Disc Golf combined and we are well short of that number currently.  Please take a minute to sign up now and help make this another great year!!!

Also, we are always looking for new sponsors.  If your employer or friend or family member with a business, supports local charity events, please ask them to consider sponsoring our event.  Information can be found at this link on our website:
Or they can email us at:
Or let us know and we can contact them.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to seeing you at the Andy 24 this year!!

Paul Jay, Jenny Pfaff, Nick Coleman, and Paul Devine