2010 Brent Hambrick Memorial Open

The BHMO raised $4200.00 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!!! Bringing our total donations to over $40,000.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible,our supporters,spotters,players,volunteers, and spectators.


Open Champions- Valarie Jenkins and Nate Doss

What an awesome event and Final nine. First place in the mens Open division was highly contested the whole weekend. Right down to the last putt. Great tournament by our own Brad Schick, just missing his putt on the last hole for par leaving Nate a relatively routine twelve footer for the win. Valarie Jenkins played solid all weekend going into the final nine with a considerable lead, and holding on for the victory.


Divisional Winners
Masters- David Cox
Grandmaster- Eric Vandenberg

Advanced- Aaron Trimmer
Advanced Masters- Don Kaminski Jr.
Intermediate- Ian Keuhn
Intermediate Women- Kira Damusis
Recreational- Chris Gordon
Recreational Women- Luanne Frysinger