Champion Groove is on the way!

Champion GrooveThe Groove features an innovative groove on the underside of the rim. This channel allows this speed 13 driver to be molded in lighter weights. If the Boss proved to be too much disc for you, get into the Groove with its super fast long and straight flights.Ratings: 13, 6, -2, 2Flight is fast, long and straightAvailable in weights as low as 165 gramsRelease Date: February 2, 2009We are getting a limited number of these. They were released today, with the proto star stamp, and are on their way. We know many people are very excited about these, so rest assured that you wont be missing out.  They will be sold for $15, you can just meet Zac or Paul(614.203.0995) at sunday doubles or pick them up if you like.  If you want we can take pre-orders to assure that you get yours, they are sending a mixed box so we are unsure of the colors and weights( mostly heavy) but will do our best to accommodate requests. Don’t wait they are going fast.