Columbus Point Series

You must play in at least 4 out of the 6 events to qualify to win the overall in your division.  Division winners will receive a trophy and free CFDGC memberships!

Points are earned in three ways:

  • 3 Points for competing in a point series event
  • 1 Point for each competitor in your division that you beat
  • 1 Point for winning in your division

The winner of each division will be announced after the completion of King of Courses.

Upcoming Point Series Events

  • No Events

Point Series Totals

Congratulations to our 2017 Point Series Division Winners
All winners received a trophy and a 2017 CFDGC Membership!

Open Tanner Cuffman #78555
Masters Brian Schick #7311
Advanced Corey Kelley #70300
Intermediate Brent Rosen #75865
Recreational Scott Richie #90339
Novice Scott Wickemeier #90863